Saturday, 14 November 2009

Si Dia :: Si 2012

12-Nov 2009 [Thursday],

I'm went to Hall to see a luncher by new club which they called as Sitos, please don't ask me about them, because i just know that is a club only, not more than that. Actually i just wanna to see Edmond and his partner dance a traditional dance which Malays called as Zapi
n. Suddenly, I see Dia at outside, but i don't know it's Dia because i got myopic problem (i can't see the object from distant) because of that i just doing my work, such as joined KPI artist sang the song which called as Standing in the eyes of the World actually sang by Ella, Queen of The Rock in Malaysia, and some song, sang by peterpan (Indonesia Artist).

After they (Artist KPI) finished they show, they asked me to see edmond and his partner dance a zapin in the Hall, and i asked them back, "that just for the member only right?", they said, nope that for all. and then I said "Okay", but one think in my mind is Dia. i'm really afraid to see Dia, not actually afraid but shy to see Dia but the reality is i'm afraid to be the jealous. After the first step by my right leg inside to The Putra Hall, I started to observer, it's Dia inside.

Okay, Dia, nope in here (take a breath) but after a few minute, i'm just wanna to look is the in front on me, Oh My, in front on me is Dia. Oh My Allah, What should I doing now? it's i need to leave it? or just pretend just a normal? I took a decide to stay and pretend which don't see Dia. but i knew Dia saw me at that moment. I just let a time doing something, and i took my handphone and record the edmond dance a zapin, since i took my handphone my hand start to shake like a Parkinson. Oh My Allah, I'm just hold my handphone like a hold a glass which can break. After that, i backward to get my friend back, i just pretend like a normal and i hidden myself from Dia, but I know dia saw me. sometimes
i hidden myself from my friend back. Oh My Allah, my work it hidden at that moment.

Suddenly, i heard the Silas (Host for this program) say Thank You, (look how actually my mind think about Dia). and they have a section a Teh Program for to said thank you maybe, for all the guest. After edmond finished his menu. I asked edmond, "Shall we?" and then Edmond said "relax larr". Oh My God, I don't want to Dia because I afraid I would be jealous and they took a few minutes to stand up from the chair, oh my p
lease quickly. During back to the office, I saw Dia and pacar dia sat on the chair beside a corridor of College, at that moment my heart start to pumping and nervous coming, please don't let Dia see my nervous. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please (^.~). yes my body not shake but my legs shaking. Hope Dia do not see my nervous. I'm just walked like a normal, but my heart is totally full of jealous and nervous, Hahahaha ^.^ how can it be happen? What kind people am I?

Oh My, Edmond friend asked go back to the cafe to take a food, shall i follow? arrgh edmond asked be to follow, and again my heart happy but nervous to see Dia, and again i saw you sayang and then after we took the food, we went back and this time i'm not see dia because Dia went to College Bus for going back to Hostel, and again I pray to Allah, for hope Allah would bless Dia from Bad Situation.

Edmond and I went to IOI Mall to watch the 2012, Oh My Allah, we sat front of The Cinema Screen and we watched this film on 9:00 pm and finished on 12:00 am (Malaysia Time). This movie totally great and I can feel it but the bad thing is a having a sleep in cinema cause i'm so tired. but it not mean this film not great. Okay, i put also the synopsis for this film and i given this film 4 stars and half.

Synopsis for 2012

Never before has a date in history been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists, and governments. A global cataclysm brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.

Please Take it, and See it

I warning you, the doomsdays will be happen but we didn't know when it will be happen, shall we just ignore?

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