Saturday, 14 November 2009

Oh My Allah, I don't want to forget all my moment's with "dia", When i'm thinking about you, my heart turn to calm, my body suddenly stiff without do not know a reason why it became. When you look at me, my face turn to red face to show the shy face to you, and then my eyes suddenly looking to the floor, because i shying to look your miracle eyes, when i look into your eyes. I'm become a speechless when you in front one me my mouth like a someone sewed my mouth. The truth fact is My heart start to pumping when you in front on me and i can't control myself like normal.

I'm falling in Love with you
i know i can't have you forever but i knew i can have a memory i'm with you, which you do not know. I'm love you through my deepest of my heart.

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