Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I'm The Laki Lucky

Miss Marina was called me for asked me about my practical, and I'm shocked at that right cause her called me with her soft voice (impersonate/pretend) which I defined as a mystery ladies but after a few minute's i catch it, and i just said "Cik/Miss Marina, ...." and after i called her name, her turn to shocked like her did to me hahaha and her asked me, "macam mana kenal lak ini? (How do know that is me)" and i just a simple answered "by a few word" actually i just guess only at that time, my guess was shoot at the point (Yahooo!!!), but one more thing please for those who's have it my number phone please do not prank on me. I will switch off my phone immediately.

-actually untill now i didn't send my resume to any company (*lazy :P)-

Detail of Interview

A Date "n" A Day: Tuesday, October 06, 2009
Vanue: Kolej Putra Intelek Office
Time: 9.30 a.m

.::Just wish me a luck (^.^)::.

Lesson and Learn
Subject: Karma

Allah know what the Best for us, because of that sometime We want to have that's thing but another thing we have it/get it, which totally we felt a numb to have it (disappointed) but we shall to thank it to Allah cause Allah known what the best for us. He (Allah) is The Most Creation not us and He made us and He known the best for us. After we have it we known it, how great His planned for us :D

Only some people can catch the meaning, what was i spoken.

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