Monday, 5 October 2009



THIS gifted from Allah s.w.taala For us

They (Mother's) is a Superheroes better than Father (sorry ayah, but you also my superhero too). hihihi (^.^), but one thing make them be more softer. and that thing is a heart. Allah s.w.taala given to them more than men. but it don't mean we shall forget about our father. Our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w says: respect your mother in three times and after that respect your father. (that is one another evidence which showing to another religion, Actually Islam respected the women community, that not same what they thought.).

*sayang dia kan anak dia, smpai dia sanggup kuyup. hope her son never forget this moment.

Ummi, No Mom sweet like a you.
Thank Allah for your gifted.
Ummi and Ayah :D

OMA (O! My Allah), teruk yer englishku

*tadi my mom masak bihun goreng for me, dh tgh mlm pun dia sanggup, sbb seorg emak tak nak anak dia lapar sbb dia tahu aku ni cepat keblur (*kuat melantak) :D

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