Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Story of 18 May 2010

Mood of this week

Yesterdays, I went to Jusco IOI Mall then I saw some garment that made me into hysteria cause i'm really like the design of that garment real awesome. Total price for a Top and a Bottom are RM 78.00, hope I can have that total of price around the end of this weekend, because I want to buy that garment on the end of this weekend. hahaha I am really really save my money cause I want to have that garment, actually that is my dream for previous time because of certain things I need to forget that garment for while and now I need to have *her on this weekend hahaha. Hope I can achieve it, but it all back to Allah, if Allah willing Alhamdulilah, if not want can do for it but i will try to buy for a next weekend. ^.^

Okaylah, today I want to tell you that I learned a script for Linux side. Really exciting when we achieve what the task or we want, when it more to hard it can bring more exciting when we're achieve it. I learned something today that I'm not learn yesterdays, "it not because of I'm not come yesterdays", kantoi lah pulak what I want to tell it's so different because is not about academic side but it about a life. Raining was fallen really heavy and then after finished a classes, I drove my car to send back akak kalai and mogana to their hostel (vista prima), OMA!* Puchong was flooding and now my farm ville was been sink cause of flooding. it was be questionnaire to me, it's blessing or Anger?

Mood of today:

p/s: do not let yourself cover by a mysterious!

I also attached these picture!, as candied* for my reader especially you santapan mata


Yuva and Me, try to find out ours mistake during input a code in a script*
thank gaban! for snap ours picture!

Klang river has been fulled now!

Puchong Batu 14

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