Saturday, 3 April 2010

I'm Crying

Manchester United Losses Again!

I'm totally fell and known what is the meaning of disappointed, because I fell it right now. I knew that Manchester United will losses before 5 minute the game will end.

Disappointed and Frustrated, nothing can I say except that 2 words. However they won cause a lucky only. what can you say friend it just 2-1, right!. They were won the that game cause of lucky only, nothing can help them.

However, as a gentlemen I need to say that Chelsea was Won that game. Our Red team, need to have more tactical planning.

Chelsea you the winner of this game. You won Chelsea (yeak!)


however, I'm the truly fans of Man Utd!

others message:
today i went to IOI Mall with my cousin, as usually we're played a bowling game
and I won for a second game. 5 player!

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