Thursday, 18 February 2010

Convocation Coming Soon

My Convocation
Coming Soon!

Convocation?? Yup, I am. it's? yelar mcm xcayer jew.. yup mmg xcaye haha. I was finished my study for Dip. in Risk Management. Yahoo!! but I think that I want to continue my study in Degree in Science Forensic. ^.^ I like to autopsy a dead body but honestly to believe that I'm Hemaphobia hahaha what kind of human I am?

My ambition is to be a doctor but my mark for biology subject not allowed me to study on Medical but I was promised to myself that I want to study in science, even I need to start from below stage of study because for me science is miracle that Allah s.w.taala made.. nice arrhh for those who like a science.

My Convocation would be on 19 June 2010, insya Allah. I waiting for that day ^.^

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