Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My New Accessories

I had a spectacle hehehe, yesterday i got it. Now I can see with a clear vision, before this as you known I have a problem myopic which those who didn't what this term mean is, The meaning of this term is my eyes having a problem to see the object from distant (Rabun). I took my spectacle around 10 on the morning. ^.^ sorry I can't waiting a new accessories. This accessories actually helping me to see all of things which before this, i'm very in the trouble situation.

Since the uncle informed me which my spectacles, i can get it. Oh My Allah, I can't waiting it, and went immediately to that shop, and took it. ^.^, first thing I want to do for my life is, I want to show Dia my new spectacles, and Dia also wearing spectacles. ^.^

When i found Dia, i'm totally nervous and now i can see face Dia ^.^ before this i just look face Dia just Blur Blur only. hehehe When I walked at the corridor, at that moment my heart totally pumping and i can heard the voice of nervous.

I'm totally love Dia, even Dia telah dimiliki but My soul chosen Dia. You can't force me to love somebody which I'm honestly do not love. I hate when somebody try to match me with somebody because that is my business, don't you cross my line, when you disturb my live, I WILL make your live in trouble situation which you do not know how to handle it. Don't try annoying me.

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