Sunday, 23 August 2009

1st Day of Ramadhan

today is a our first day to fasting for a muslim in Malaysia
I was wake up for a sahur in 5.00 a.m with my family
O Allah, Thank for given your beautiful barakah month to us
I hopeful to have the best fasting and i hope You accept my fasting.

My Mission for this year of a Ramadhan is not just to compelete a fasting of a day but
i also want to grad with a flying a colour which mean got a Lailatul Qadr
All the praise belong to Allah, that is a superduper special night has made by Allah
to us to achieve a taqwa (i'm not a typical of islamic person (Ulama, Ustaz or The Aulia) but i'm just a simple person who's want to get a redha Allah s.w.taala)
Actually a fasting can make we known about our self with nearly.
Our maksiat actually not only cause by a syaitan but also cause by our bad intention (nafsu).
And another special thing about this first day of ramadhan for myself
is a working, actually today is a my first day working in a month of ramadhan.
alhamdulilah, finally i has finish my first day fasting at 7.23 p.m,

what is a menu??

hohohoho today is a special i was ate a Tomato Rice (Nasi Tomato) which a price is a RM 6.00 plus around of RM 3 for a drink (Milo Tin and Mineral Water) (^.^).
hahahaha so full lah
kih kih kih, after the "dinner" our smile totally great
hahahaha before that it is a typical of plastic smiling (so plastic)
Well that is just okay hahahaha
Hope to Tomorrow i can do a better fasting for My God (Allah)
I lurve you (I love you)
jealous lah tue hahaha

kesian to my parent,
they was made a something that i can't give back to you
thank you walid (ayah) and my ummi
May Allah blessing you and give His jannah to you without a Mizan
that just a royalty to a special person.
maybe some people asked "Do you think your parent is special"
what will i answer just is "totally yes."
they is my specialist in my heart.

This is a another topic, Today i want to asking your pardon to apologise my mistake that has i done to you, hope you apologise me in full

Ummi and Ayah, please apologise me

My Sibling (adik beradik + abang ipar), please apologise me

My Neighbour, please apologise me

My Nephew, please apologise me

My Uncle and Auntie, please apologise me

My Friend, please apologise me

My Blog visitor, please apologise me
(All of the person who's know me or not know about me)
i'm also hope you all apologise me.

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