Monday, 2 May 2011

Seru Vs Thor

Assalammualaikum and hello to everyone, first of all I would to wishing to all of you for Labour Day =) Kimi pun perkerja juga. So, hari ini kimi dengan mf pergi jalan2 dekat puchong ini. So hari ini kimi tengok dengan mf 2 cerita, pertama kami tengok filem seru dan second itu kami tengok cerita Thor. 

Cerita Seru ini lebih kurang cerita quarantine dan juga cerita penunggu istana. Jalan cerita quite ok but it need to improve lots of things. I hope you can produce a new film with a new stylish. hahaha We're quite late actually because of we're spend my time at Donut.

After that, Mf and I went to Ampang bowling, then We're play for 3 times after than we're went back to golden cinema for buy the ticket for watching Thor the movie. Alhamdulilah, finally we're have the ticket. The film start on 11:45 pm. hahaha kerja gila kan. Cerita dia quite seronok berbanding dengan cerita seru yang kurang menarik. Cerita thor ini dia banyak bermain  dengan action so ditambahkan lagi dengan kesan 3D kan, memang best lah. Thumb up beb! 

So the conclusion is you're need to make a great decision for spend your beautiful money =)


  1. hahaha nak cepat punya pasal, smpai english pon error hahaha =) sorry for english error

  2. pening lah tengok citer seru tu. hurgh.