Monday, 3 January 2011

During my working hours, I do not know what should I do then I decided to make a new e-mail account. It's for public needed only (engkau ingat kau sapa kimi? VVIP kah?). InshaAllah, I'll open my account every Saturday's or Sunday. Every questions will be reply within Saturday or Sunday.

I also open my arm (accept) for those whose like to sent to me a information which I can attach in my blog for others view. Please do not send any picture with can be able as SX18. However it can be accepted if the picture have the medical criteria. (Banyak sogehlah kimi ini, hahaha)

I will like to remind that I will not reply any question which attach my personal issue. With harmony, I ended this entire with Assalammualaikum. (Peace be Upon on you)

erm... excuse me, I would like to thanks to my MF and My Parent, En. Johari and Pn. Mahanum for doing a good care on me during my paleness (high fever which been suspected denggi) time. So thank you so much for hospitality on me. Thank you so much MF.

Hopeful this year, bring a thousand of goodness

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