Thursday, 2 September 2010

Aku rindu dan Duhai si pari-pari

aku rindu dia sangat sangat =(

Duhai Pari Pari merupakan cerita melayu yang berbentuk comedy
mmg best bg aku =) napa tak popular, aku pun x tahu lah kenapa.


Meek and mild-mannered gas station attendant Saadon (Que Haidar) has never fallen in love. The one time he falls for Mala (Nabila Huda), she conspires with Budi (Remy Ishak) to make off with his savings. When Saadon finds himself beaten up by Budi in a back alley, he chances upon a magic teapot that is inhabited by a genie, Pari Pari (Liyana Jasmay). Love is possible. However, the genie's father, Para Para (Harun Salim Bachik) is tracking her. Hoping to find romance, the genie refuses to return to her realm and is ready to accept the genie's curse of eternal oblivion should she fail in love once more.

so kat bawah nie link dia

Duhai Pari Pari 2

Duhai Pari Pari 3

yang lain itu nanti ko tgk kan side bar youtube itu.

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