Tuesday, 29 June 2010

28 June 2010 [Real surprised me]

I thought for this year they do not celebrate my birthday,
for a real I'm really don't mind if they do not celebrate my birthday
because now I've already became an adult! but I am still do not accept the reality that
I've been an adult right now! melalot! yuckk hahaha but I'm still The Youth! ho ho ho sudah pasti!

After I helping them for arrange a table, food and all of things the related with it,
I sat back on my chair then I continue my chat on FB then abg Ujang called me!
that my mom (ummi) called me. emm just stand up then when
I arrived at the door of my home, then I asking myself, why lah they turn off the light
then suddenly I saw a candle then I saw a cake. Alamak it really make me surprised!

Then I've been wakenabeb by using a candle
than really really hard to extinguish a flame!
damn it hard beb!

Thank to all celebrate my birthday!

I want to share with you my picture


My Birthday cake! That are the candles that hard to extinguish candles flame

That is me, during blow up a candle flame!

Garang kan! but don't judge on cover yup! He my dad!
Thank You and Happy Father's Day too!

This is my beloved mom! sorry for blurred!
because her do not wearing a her hijab because
of that I need to blurring this picture


and once again I would to thankful to Allah s.w.taala
then our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w then my parent and next all the participation

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