Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Visit and Domino Pizza!

Date: 24/05/2010

Today around 4.40 p.m, we're went to Hospital Serdang for visit my nephew that I say to you in previous entries, Alhamdulilah When I saw him fine, my heart start calm but certain part, my eye's try to crying but I do not let it go because it to shame for me to crying at there and I do not want he look at me crying because for me crying is not a cure a disease but a smile of us is a cure. When I came at his ward, I saw him play with his atok (my father), then at that my eyes start want to crying, arggh I hate that kind of feeling but I just try to negotiation by using funny thing. Then he called me, Am! (in Arabic language they called uncle as am "عم") , hahaha, now he start doing many clever thing, such as repeat a sentence like ayah, ibu and etc, now days he start to make funny think pulak. then we went back around 5:30 p.m and then, after we arrived at our home, then I went to Puchong Utama to buy the Domino pizza, After I bought a comb 4 then I went back and we're ate together. {real broken!}

p/s: hope syawal would be fine, I like a communication between them,
they showing the teamwork between them, good domino!

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