Monday, 31 August 2009

nak cari duit lebih

berabuk berabuk berabuk sudah hahahaha as you known. Now is a economic drop (gawat) we shall search something that can save a budget cause of that i don't want to wait seminute don't wonderlah if akak ucu asked me for make a full i didn't wait for a seminute to give a answer, just in immediately i will answer "boleh" hahaha I need to shopping and bla bla, actually today is a off day but akak ucu asked me to come for work at a morning nevermind, today i went to klcc with my cousin at go back to home also with my cousin.

Today is my first day buka puasa dalam bus actually quick pelik for me but that is a some wonder memories huhuhuhuhuhu tomorrow her sister would working at 2nd floor good luck for her okay nothing to said, right now i just thinking about a bed and not a sleeping beauty but orgy hahaha. okay nothing to said and i end by aritcle today with Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim and Assalammualaikum. See you soon (~.~)

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