Thursday, 7 April 2011

1 thing that you should know :)

A secret became as Non-secret, Now a time has come a unreveal turn to reveal.

jing-jing, where a sound of drum??

I'm become ecstacy when I'm start to chit-chat about this famous series (drama). I knew that you are really familiar with this famous musical drama series which known as Glee. Yes, I'm a bystander for this series, whose care right ? so why a virus have been effect to me which make me crazy to watching this drama?

it is stories of a singer club and all known that it is a fun club. Do not have any shadow because it's showing a reality live that we're have through it.

I love sing a song of westlife and yesterday I've sang this song that known as Marry Me which cover by GLEE. I love the ways that they sang their cover songs.

So what I want to mention is:

Yes! and yes that I am a bystander for GLEE drama series :)

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