Monday, 21 June 2010

Convocation! < 3

Akhirnya aku telah bergelar graduated dan kini aku telah berstatus alumni.
Majlis ini telah berlangsung di Putrajaya International Convocation Centre.
varieties emotion that I've been felt, happiness, sadness and etc.
for me this is a precious moment ever that I won't erase in my mind!

Thank you Putra Intelek International College for adopted me as your members!

I would like to share with you my precious moment


we're DRM 5 & 6
| shakir | ijat | mirul | zombie or a'hari | fix | me |

kak nurul | me | miss zaharah | kak aqma

With the best journalist / reporter
PIIC was awarded as him as
| me | ijat | mirul | fix | karam singh tv3 | shakir |

laila and me in Botani Garden

me and irfan same also in Botani Garden

laila, eirn, irfan and me

DRM 13! my classmate too

please keep quite! The Author want to say something!

p/s: Congratulation's to all graduated! specially my beloved friend! DRM 5,6,13

| DRM 7 | DRM 8 | DRM 9 and DRM 10 |

to:- Mohd Yunus (purple) congratulation to you, because has been awarded as The Best Student!

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  1. for your information that Journalist has been awarded as long alive with PIIC!